4 Deer, Max & I

I was getting ready to take Max for his morning stroll, when I gazed upon the valley in which we would walk. To my surprise in this vast array of homes along a man made valley, were 4 deer. They were no doubt grazing upon the berries and grasses in the field, out of the way of the sidewalks and the homes on either side, it was though surprising to me.

I have always been enamored with wildlife up close, eagles, deer, raccoons, on occasion snakes, mammals and amphibians. This was no exception, though I know in many parts of the country, and even here, mule deer are considered a pest, and bull elk, though majestic, the same way.

I prepared Max for the walk, and as we exited the home, and made our way to the valley.  I remembered yesterday seeing deer tracks or so I thought.  My suspicions now confirmed, though they were grazing later than I expected, as it was time for work, I thought!  As Max and I started down the path, the crunching of the ice beneath my feet, from the snow the day before, I surely thought this would sound the alarm to the deer and off they would go.  I even saw a few do just that down the gulch of this man made valley, we would commonly call a drainage ditch. I crunched along as Max smelled scents left behind that only he could sense and as we came to the curve, I realized that we were in a staring match with one of the deer, the one without the horns….I’m sure there is a correct word for this, but I suggested to Max that we turn around. I figured they needed to graze, I didn’t want to impede upon them, they  were there first, right??

We reversed course, back towards home, I occasionally glanced to see if they were still there or not, they were, like Custer’s Last Stand…  Good for them, and good for us, that we can cohabitate in the area we call home.  Max and I of course made it home without incident, I wasn’t expecting any.  I glanced again, wondering if they made it down to the next valley, across the road into the next development….I think I saw one or two near with the others having moved on.  My morning walk, now made that much more enjoyable, with a sighting of a bit of nature and Max and I.

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