Facebook- Keeping it real fake!

Facebook is a means to an end. We use FB to share our thoughts, ideas, inspirations, feelings, troubles, truth, lies, issues, concerns, triumphs and all the other emotions, opinions, and positions in between. The power of FB and other mediums just like it have morphed into arenas where many spend tremendous amount of time sharing. I have personally witnessed both the joys and pain of personal interactions on FB. Is it personal though if you interact behind the computer, not engaging in person or on the phone? I only tread lightly on this particular point, because I have witnessed how shrewd people have become, or maybe they already were, and I have just noticed it. How petty issues become big issues, how trust and fidelity are exposed, and truth questioned.  How friendships quickly come and go on FB, and in some cases how FB, like a dating website has brought individuals together, and certainly have torn them apart. I have had to deal with the pain of finding out about secret relationships on FB, and how that affected me personally.

A counselor suggested that in a previous relationship that we maintain a joint account, rather than separate, to be united rather than divided, that FB could have the potential for harm as well as good, but we both needed to be on the same page.  What I liked about that scenario is that we discussed it, in person, face to face.  Unfortunately, too much happens behind the screen, and we lack the ability to reach out and truly connect in person.  I’m not bashing FB here, I admire the platform, the  creativity, the vision. It’s users are the ones I am concerned about. While I have one finger pointed out to the others , I have 3 pointing right back at me, so I’m in this boat too.  My plea is that we don’t lose sight of the ability to reach out and connect with others,  human to human, touch, feel, speak.

In this age of modern technology, let’s not lose sight of what’s truly important. IMHO, it’s your faith, and intentional relationships. Your faith is between you and your God (or however you describe it). Intentional relationships take hard work and effort, like any marriage, dating relationship, and the like. It requires commitment on either side, not always 50/50, but consistent commitment.

We see it everywhere, individuals sitting next to each other texting away, not speaking, and life goes on.  I’m guilty of it too, I have changes to make, isn’t this what resolutions are about?  Keeping it real or keeping it fake is up to me. keeping it real or fake amongst my friends, is 50% up to me. I can only control me, right??


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