Will you “Meetup”?

Have you heard about the social networking organization called “Meetup“?  I have no idea how long it’s been around, but I have recently jumped into this fine organization.  As far as I can tell, it’s not formal, but rather a loosely organized community groups that gather for different purposes….poetry, physics, improv, hiking, skiing, drinking beer, football games, volunteering, etc. The ideas are endless really, and the sky is the limit when it comes to reasons to bring folks together.

I have friends that are in kayaking groups or paddle boarding groups, and it’s quite popular here in Denver with over 1900 different groups meeting in a 25 mile radius.  I am a part of several myself and looking forward to joining a few more this coming year to match my interests, and to do a few others that are out of my comfort zone.

For me the whole point of these groups is to share a common interest and then meet new friends. That is really easy for me to do, in the right and wrong environment, I’m several of the meetups that revolve around craft beer, as it’s a perfect combination here in Colorado.  In my meetup today, the first for the year, was a pub crawl. and it was great fun. Not only did I have a chance to try some new brew, but I met several new friends that lived near me and also from across town. These aren’t intended to become “hook-up” opportunities but I suppose with the right chemistry, anything is possible.

I think if you are single, this is a great and generally safe venue to meet great people, heck, it’s possible that we could meet there too!

Check it out a http://www.meetup.com


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