Resolutions and accountability

I joined millions around the world in making some sort of declaration of change that I wanted to accomplish, but like most, some of those resolutions ended quickly. You know the ones, exercise, eating better, less food, sugar, alcohol, or whatever the goal. Some were ideas of how to observe life through clear lenses, than the rose-colored glasses I like to use once in a while. Another was a deeper unspoken change, that I didn’t share with anybody. Surely I’m not the only one in that boat.  As the days ticked by, one after the other became less of a priority and became more of a should have, or should do, to ” awww forget about it” kind of sentiment.

One that I thought I had laid by the side again was resurrected when a long distance friend suggested a challenge to her friends. I’m not sure why I saw the post, destiny perhaps.  As we chatted, she continued to give me encouragement about what we could do for each other, and to take the change slow, rather than quitting “cold turkey”. I appreciated the resurgence in this goal, in particular, to wean off of sugar.  There are all sorts of reasons for me to do so, and for her as well, but what clicked was the fact I was going to have an accountability partner.

What do I have to lose, and what to I have to gain, were the questions running through my mind, but the cold heart truth, and more importantly, the question was, will I be honest with myself and another, about making a true change.  This friend has known me since childhood and she has a gentle spirit about her. Studies show that if you are committed to making a change, having a partner help in that change has overwhelming benefits.  I am taking the challenge to make a small but significant change in one area of my life.  Why isn’t there a network, where this could happen on a broader scale.  We have workout partners, carpooling partners, travel partners, cooking partners, dog walking partner, and such…. What a great opportunity that you and I both have in reaching out to someone, and be concerted on a goal in life, broken into baby steps of this calendar year.  Will you join me in the challenge of making a small but significant change?  I am sure you have someone in your circle that is willing to help you, go ahead and ask the question.  Hopefully you’ll find a friend, just like me, who said yes!


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