The case of the missing “contact”….

I understand that I am a bit excessive when I push to the max my extended wear contact lenses but it’s not often that one just disappears. I mean how often does that happen to you, the modern-day contact wearer. I was perplexed when I woke up and my vision was a bit blurry, well my left eye was, so I put in some drops. You know, the kind that refreshes your eyeballs. If you just wear glasses, it’s likely you have no clue what I am talking about.

Anyway, I put in some drops, looked in the mirror and then did my standard check each eyeball and see if I can find the lens. It does have that blue tint to it, so it should be easily seen upon inspection. Low and behold it wasn’t there.   I didn’t feel a mass under my lid, and it’s really very subtle, so don’t be alarmed by the comment “a mass”, but it was strangely missing. I checked carefully my entire eyeball, under the lid the best I could, the nook and crannies of my eye and no contact.  It’s odd because this has never happened before.

I determined my contact was MIA but it was totally out of the ordinary.  I placed a new contact in, and voila, my eyesight was back to normal. I checked both eyes and the subtle hue of blue surrounded my cornea.  It wasn’t until I took a shower, that I found my contact, in the strangest of all places.  I found it on the back of my leg, while lathering up. Strange I know, but I am sure stranger things have happened, I just can’t think of any at the moment.

SO there it was, on my finger, from retrieving it from my leg. I guess if this happens again, I’ll know where to look for it the first time. Who knows, maybe I am on to something……


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