“Space” the final frontier…. you’ve heard the term

Just give me some “space”… that’s usually how the conversation goes, or maybe it’s just that one sentence. What is it about relationships that we find ourselves in these situations when the simple request for “space” comes into play.  Or it is said, “I know you will understand, when I say I need some space”….

I know that we each have our “personal space” you know the zone when someone is talking to you in person and they have just inched closer and you just stepped a foot back, and that game is played over and over again. But, this isn’t what I am talking about, and I assume you know too, but just in case I pointed that out.  Is it the final frontier, the last step to keeping a relationship or letting it go, but giving a little space???  I’ve been trying to evaluate this whole space idea. It’s like saying, I want time off from any contact with you. How about just saying that, because isn’t that what it is??  Just be honest with yourself and to me.  Space is relative, and I think that is the crux of the difficulty for me, because there is no simple answer,  no singular definition, no clarity that all would agree.

This is an issue I have come across on more than one occasion and what it became was ” let me see how long I can go without communicating with you” in which case, not only did the “space” issue not get resolved, whatever the reason, but the silence was deafening.  Would there be a better way to express “needing space” rather than shut down. We  have not learned the best ways to communicate, and then just blurt out “I need space”.

I have done some self-reflection as of late, for a variety of reasons, and have come to the conclusion I need to share more of what is on my mind, than to just let it swirl around in my head. The swirling part usually does not end well, because so many other factors come into play that I just don’t want to wait long for that “space” thing.  I want to share sooner than later, quicker than waiting, rather than never.

I am starting over in some areas, beginning anew, reborn, if you will, because the old ways didn’t work, and why go back there.  I have a lot on my mind, a lot to deal with, but I’m not unique in that regard.  I am different, that is for sure, but like everyone else, I have stuff to deal with.  So what do i do with that space?  On my end, I’m going to share more, live a more purposeful life, share more,that’s me, I can’t expect everyone to agree with me, respond like me, be like me. Each to their own journey. I guess that part of the “final frontier, go where no man has gone before” is just up to me, everyone else has to get their own ship.


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