Denied again but I’ll remember… an elephant

I really should not be surprised given my history, my background and my experience, but for just a few moments, I was piping hot.  It had been the 2nd or third denial in so many months. This isn’t about the usual topic of relationships, but credit. Well it is about relationships, they just don’t know it yet.  Who is they, you ask?  It’s the biggies, the Wells Fargo, the Bank of America, the JP Morgan/ Chase kind of banks that one day will come looking for me and my business, and I will say a resounding “NO”.

I understand why they said no, and even though the letter says they did  much consideration and research, yada, yada, it was still a “no”.  They mentioned my past, but I sit here perplexed, because if I examined their past, they should get a big fat “NO” too.  It’s easy for me to remember the collapse of the mortgage market in 2008, because I had to experience that front and center. It was no fun then, and it’s still no fun, having to deal with an unbelievable set of circumstances, and trying to move on from my past, into my present, so I can go forward in my future.  Plus my past has so many positives. What I did to move forward. Taking care of my debt to society, every penny. And yet, my past comes back to bite me, time and time again.

Why is it that the big guys, can say no to me, and yet when it was their issue, all they do is pay gobs of money and off they go on their merry way.  I should not have any expectations really. What happens, is supposed to, it’s the law of attraction.  I’m not in a position of power or influence yet, but when I get there, I will certainly add my 2 cents, or more.

I was frustrated, but now, I have moved on to the next priority in my life, the really important things.   It’s not that being denied isn’t important, there are lessons to be learned. One lesson I would say, is live within a budget, because not learning that simple life plan, will heap tons of coals on your future, and I am not talking the diamond kind of coals.

No, it’s okay now, I really do get it, but it’s the disparity that I see between the have and the have-nots, but that is for another time. As for now, I’ll remember, like an elephant, especially when they come calling on me for my business.


2 thoughts on “Denied again but I’ll remember… an elephant”

  1. Brilliant! I love that you write what all of us are thinking but at the same time, you talk about moving on. It is so frustrating when these people get our money (without our consent) even though they’ve proven they can’t handle it and yet they judge us and tell us “no”. And yes, I agree, I make sure I never spend money or use a service that will benefit them. As spenders, we hold the control and make or break a company…if only we could all realize the power we have together. Awesome article – really enjoyed it.

    1. It is frustrating! I understand it’s a business, but for the hardworking people of this country, who do repay their debt to society deserve a chance to start over with a clean slate. I know it doesn’t happen that way. Thanks for your thoughts!

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