The Bitter Truth vs. The Sweetest Lie

I heard a message a few weeks ago, and the subject came up about telling the truth, or sharing a little white lie.  It was a poignant topic for me, as I sat and listened to all the reasoning of the benefits and consequences of such actions.  I queried myself in how did I carry on in life, and relationships, in work and in play, and all the places in between. Examining my own reactions to such life’s experiences and drawing a conclusion on what response precipitated telling the truth, or in which cases it was okay to lie.

I wonder, though not for long, how do you carry yourself down this path.  How have you responded to life’s challenges, and in turn, what has your life become?  I have done plenty of self evaluating and I have found that if I shared the bitter truth, while uncomfortable, the truth is still the truth and it was left on the table to discuss.  It’s become more important to me to answer this way because the alternative is to remember which lie has been told and what to keep up with.  I can’t say that I have mastered the art of this, but isn’t honesty the best policy?

Truth in relationships is an absolute must. Trust, like truth is a foundation, and without it, there is no true relationship. I guess that’s where this idea of a sweet lie, or white lie enters the picture from how many “drinks” have I had to how much money I have spent, etc. It comes down to what’s important to you. The substance of truth, or the absence of it. What do you want, the truth and nothing but the truth, or are you okay with, “what you need to know” is the answer.  For me, in this journey, I am making changes from what once was to what I want it to be now, and that is dealing with the bitter truth.  I’ll achieve happiness quicker that way, it may not be easy, and that’s okay. Some of my greatest victories occurred after having to deal with the greatest challenges.


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