Moments of Regret

I saw on FB today a great phrase that inspired me to write. “A moment of patience, in a moment of anger, saves you a hundred moments of regret.”  Regret is a strong emotion, perhaps stronger than anger, because anger may last for a bit of time, but certainly not longer than regret.  I have reflected on my short life and have many moments of regret, and times when I wished that I exhibited a bit more patience.

Don’t you find yourself in those same thoughts?  I know that we have a story to tell, interesting and intriguing in their own way and of course, we all have suffered pain, and regret. Certainly we have experienced joy, peace, love, happiness as well.  While I cannot change my past, I can make changes in my future, changes in my behavior, my choices.  It’s in these areas that I want to change most.   Not because I am a terrible person, but I want to live life more fully, with purpose, with hope, rather than hanging onto the past and the pain.

This journey that I am on now, I have learned so much in such a short time, and I am amazed at how far I have come.  Patience is a virtue, they say. Wolverine, from the X-Men,  says he doesn’t do well with patience and I can totally relate.  Once you have spoken the word, you can’t take it back.  I used to be more careful about my responses, but I have witnessed, my own error in judgement when I didn’t exhibit grace and instead blurted out hurtful words,  waiting to spew the next volley of venom, all in the name of being right, and still not being happy.

We each have our own cross to bear, our own scar, skeleton, mask we hide behind.  For each, our toil is different, yet in this very simple expression of patience, I think everyone can relate.

I am thinking of times right now, where I should have had more patience, perhaps life would be different for me.  I don’t have any answers to the big questions in life, but I would agree, had I been more patient, it would have saved me from a hundred moments of regret.


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