3$ and a check

That is all that I had in my pocket, and just earlier in the day I was chastised for even using a check!  It was one of the few days in recent memory that I was actually ecstatic that I had just what I needed. Nothing more, nothing less.  I was wondering why I had been given so much grief earlier about actually having a check in my pocket.

How many times do you use a check?,  was the question to me. Actually a good question, but I have on rare occasion needing one, like the restaurant that doesn’t take plastic, or in this case, the local department of revenue, that didn’t take plastic either.

I am perplexed by that actually.,  Where I got my tags, and where I needed to get my driving record, takes cash only.  Like the sign in a Chinese Restaurant, that says “cash only” or for the business saying, “cash is king”.

For the ones that don’t believe in checks, mark my word, on the day that you least expect it, you will need it.


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