Dating Sucks!

That’s exactly what she said as we were sipping on beers at a recent “meet-up” at one of my favorite local pubs.  It was a sentiment that rang true for many around us. Of course the standard….”be yourself”….”don’t set any expectations”….”meet in public”… were all opinionated as truth.

It was a fun discussion. I stood up, and she said that her “date” would be two inches taller than me, and the tallest man she has dated. We all wished her well, and I have not yet seen her to ask her how it went.  Her thought though resonated with me a bit more than I expected.  Why is dating “suckish” and why do so many of us search out for that one true love on-line so quickly?

I have been participating in these “meet-ups” for some time and unofficially, its evaluating in person.  I have tried the plethora of dating sites, only to find out in person that the woman was not exactly as she appeared online.. To be honest, I have veered from some “indicators” of mine as well.  My question though still remains, why does this process have to be so crazy?  I don’t have the answer really, but I have enjoyed meeting plenty of people during these informal gatherings, celebrating a slice of life that many enjoy.

The “meet-ups” I have enjoyed have revolved around; happy hour, trivia, movies, theatre, food, craft beer, breweries, and soon hiking and biking.  All great locations to meet individuals in the flesh.  For the time being, I think I am taking a break from the “dating” side of life, and enjoying the moments, a little bit more. This way, I don’t have to worry if dating sucks.


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