A day like no other

I hadn’t given much thought to this day, nor prepared for it’s coming. I wasn’t sure when it would come, it’s probably the reason I wasn’t truly ready for it.  I woke up and learned about a change in the status of my father’s health.  I had been summoned to come home, time is short, maybe shorter than what I have been expecting. The visit for a couple of weeks away may be too late.

I contacted my siblings who were making similar plans to arrive soon, very soon, within hours actually. We queried if that would be enough time to express our love, concern, and hope for our father.  I knew that this day has been coming, but today was tough in the early morning hours.  Trying to set flights that would fit where I need to go, in the time I needed to go, rental car, lodging, etc.

As it turns out, I fly in 3 hours away, because that’s the best, closest flight I can make, everything else is a blur.  I have pending work assignments, much work to do, plans to make, etc.  I worked for 5 hours to get those projects done, or on target, and with help, they will get accomplished. It’s not that I want to focus on work, but I find that I need to focus on something, otherwise I will be plagued by the uncertainty of what is to come, and what will happen next.

I don’t know what is in store for the next 24-48-72 hours, all I can do, is make it there as fast as I can, and go from there.


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