Being a “Game Changer”

I was invited to breakfast recently where Peyton Manning, QB for the Denver Broncos, was the keynote speaker. This was a fundraising event for a local charity. Over 1300 people were in attendance as the floor of the Pepsi Center was packed wall to wall with tables of ten of individuals from across the area including local dignitaries. It was the “who’s who” of the community.

What made the day especially great were the comments and inspiration of Peyton Manning who spoke about being a “game changer”. That we all have the capacity and ability to be a game changer in what we do and what we believe in. He spoke about working and pressing through adversity. He challenged the local community to rise up and stand with organizations like the one he was speaking for, to take ownership and help prepare the next generation. That many could learn from the charity, of the life lessons instilled in young people.

Peyton shared some funny stories, and it was his first public comments since the Super Bowl. This became a local media blitz which went nationwide. Peyton shared thoughts on the Super Bowl and what were the take aways.

A man of integrity, vision, and mission, he was inspiring. He was humble, was raised right, and has great values.

This is the kind of example that we all should follow. I am now a better person, having witnessed such a presentation. The organization I am sure was very pleased as well.


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