Taking more time



I have determined to no longer be in a rush. As a traveler I usually zip from one location to another but I am working to change my life long habit of just racing from one point to another. It’s the little important things that are in the middle that I am trying to deal with, to stop and smell the roses sort of thing.

With life so busy and technology so instant, it’s easy to see why life speeds by. To understand why we want fast cars, faster internet, fast food, and everything else that is fast in between.

I wanted to slow down a bit today. It doesn’t mean that I am less regimented in the things I do, though that needs to be looked at too, but I am recognizing the soft still moments content in my times of being single.

Nature photography has been on the upswing for me. The ocean was good too. I took a walk down memory lane for me, and wow, what memories! From 30 years ago, visiting places, reuniting with friends I had not seen in a while.

I reflect on those good times and was happy to see some ling time friends in the process. As I continue to travel, I will continue to work on my need for speed and take it a bit slower.


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