SAMs can’t stomp out hunger

I couldn’t believe what I saw, right in front of me, without any consideration, was this man who was salvaging food from the garbage. Unused food, in the garbage, at the airport.

I guess I sat in awe of him, and I already made a judgement call, but I did so without asking his input. In fact this could be way different than what my initial thought is.

This now causes me to to think about the reasons that I have decided a negative thought rather than offering hope, or praise. Perhaps it should be me that should be going through the trash, searching for food, and feeding the homeless.

That was my first thought, there are people in need of that food and maybe he was searching the food out for that very reason. I guess I am skeptical cause he acted like he was hiding the food when he picked it out, placed in his cart, put bags over it, and then placed it in another bag and moved on to the next receptacle.

Actually this spurs me on a thought that why isn’t there bins to collect unopened food for the homeless at every gate before security in airports.

It’s probably the same dilemma that is faced, like at Sam’s Club when I learned recently that as an entity, they are unable to give returned food to the needy, they have to destroy it. It could be an unopened can of beans, tuna, bottle of water, crackers, etc.

The same disastrous results that many businesses apparently come to when it comes to perfectly good food thrown away. The result of food being destroyed.

I don’t understand why this is an acceptable practice. I understand the propaganda behind it “we don’t know what happened to it when it left here” yada, yada. It’s a shame that more isn’t done to help the homeless, the needy, the hungry, especially from the ones that have good to spare. I just don’t agree with the why, says the little guy!




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