Finlandia Foundation of Colorado

How important is heritage to you? Where did your family come from, what do you celebrate culturally?  For me my Finnish heritage is so important. Not sure that I have shared this before, but it is important. I just finished listening to Jean Sibelius’s Andante cantabile for String Quartet op. 56 in D minor. how great that a community of Finns in Colorado would gather to celebrate. Sibelius was a great composer whose music is celebrated internationally. 

  1. I’ve been somewhat absent from writing, mostly because of time but also because of focusing of getting myself back on track. I am a proud Finn, and today has inspired me to become more active in my heritage for which I am grateful to have grown up with. What do you think of your heritage or culture. While I agree that we live in a melting pot of cultures, it is our responsibility to maintain what is important to us individually culturally. Don’t blame lack of time for your failure for you make time for the things that are important to you, I know that I do!


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