Celebrate Mom!

 I live 2000 miles away from my mom, but I celebrate her today, and every day really. I’m in touch with her frequently and she expresses how “I have made her day” and the truth is, she has made my day. My siblings sent her flowers through one of my brothers, and I bring them every time I visit. 

My father passed away last year in March and I am surprised and thankful at the same time to see how strong my mother is, to have made it through a devastating loss, but they had so much love for each other and life. 

I have made some great traveling plans this year and every time we speak about them, she encourages me to go, search and discover while I’m single. She knows the sacrifices of married life. She raised four children, successful in their own arenas in life. She raised us with a love for music and the arts. To embrace culture and our heritage. To do well in all we do, to enjoy cooking, it’s a way to bring people together. 

Today I celebrate my mother, thankful for all that she has done for me personally. I love you mom!



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