Enjoy life with purpose

I’ve been really busy for the last several months and today I felt I actually had time for myself. I haven’t felt that way since February. I have usually been able to balance life and work pretty well but the external pressures that constantly surround me have been a persistent burden during the recent short term.

I have considered that this too will pass and I am usually a very positive person though I have found myself face to face with significant challenges both to me personally and professionally. I found someone that I felt I was compatible with only to learn they were not compatible with me, perhaps it was the brief discussion of taking the relationship to the next level, or the sacrifices I was willing to take or make. It was a crushing blow to learn that these kind of relationships still dissolve in an instant via text, and as I searched my soul for a reason, I realized it wasn’t about me, as much as I blamed myself, I stood firm that “I’m a great catch!” Of course that is a bias on my end.

These work obstacles continued to grow exponentially,and situations seemed out of my control, have you felt that way? I realized again today, with the unique birth of life, in the new fawns, that life is precious. That my future is bright, and there will be someone on my side, by my side and at some point the stars will align.

My work opportunities are still before me, and I’m glad for the brief respite that I have enjoyed today. It’s renewed my hope in myself and my future forward. I know my future is bright and there is much to accomplish.

The momentary focus on something other than my circumstances allowed me to refocus on what is important. I am grateful for the few moments today of new birth and life.

And how was your day? 🙂


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