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Expressing how I feel, though it may not be based on truth

Trapped in PC

I am passing through Denver and saw this sign for beef jerky in the airport. I thought surely someone will be offended by the name of that.  It kinda goes along with my trapped feelings. 

PC, or politically correct, is how we function mostly these days. Not wanting to offend anyone with our words and actions yet we are offered “Freedom of Speech”.  Our world is becoming too complex on the fine line between right and wrong, black and white, strait or gay, and yet within those boundaries,  shades of grey creep in. 

How did we get here? I think technology has played a major role in this. Instant updates in the news. Seeing violence live, videoed by someone. 

 I do some public speaking for my job and I enjoy it but I find myself having to couch thoughts and phrases differently than I did 20 years ago. Who is my audience, what’s the right message, what do I want them going home with?  I find it more difficult now especially with the recent police officer killings in Dallas that there is an under current. 

The under current being the debate about Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter, debacle. The racial injustices are just that, injustices. It can be injustice in any direction, white, black, gay, rich, poor. Discussions and feelings are at an all time high on the message boards. 

Unfortunately the focus just seems to be about Black Lives Matter  and that’s where my trapped feelings lay. We’re no longer free to share our opinions. If you speak out against Black Lives Matter, then you are labeled a racist. If you don’t hit “like” and “share” you obviously don’t understand what’s a stake. And if you are not black then you definitely  have not witnessed racism or injustice. I get it, I don’t have to be black to understand this. But this isn’t just about one race. That’s my point!

President Obama shared today from Warsaw that he wants to have a committee to have open dialogue and how to address change. The problem is open dialogue is being drowned out in the debate of being politically correct. 

Real change doesn’t take place without real honesty and difficult words and dialogue and discussion and compromise. All factors of which are being lost in today’s society sadly. 

I find myself avoiding conversations and posts because of how I will be perceived for sharing an opinion that may not even be mine, yet I will suffer the consequences. Persecution has existed since the beginning of time, and will last until the end. I’m not sure how to untrap myself.  Maybe I’ll just eat some Climax Jerky and move on. 

A new kind of shopping

I’m visiting the “Garden State” this week and I bumped into a Shop Rite in Morristown, NJ, and drove by once and discounted it as a place to visit but I decided to go in, and what a surprise! Great food bars, wine, liquor and almost super Walmart like but upscale. It even offered lox bites, gelato, live lobsters, fresh smoothies and of course lotto. I guess you really can’t judge a store by how it looks from the outside or its name…..I think I’m going to visit it every day while I am here.  


SAMs can’t stomp out hunger

I couldn’t believe what I saw, right in front of me, without any consideration, was this man who was salvaging food from the garbage. Unused food, in the garbage, at the airport.

I guess I sat in awe of him, and I already made a judgement call, but I did so without asking his input. In fact this could be way different than what my initial thought is.

This now causes me to to think about the reasons that I have decided a negative thought rather than offering hope, or praise. Perhaps it should be me that should be going through the trash, searching for food, and feeding the homeless.

That was my first thought, there are people in need of that food and maybe he was searching the food out for that very reason. I guess I am skeptical cause he acted like he was hiding the food when he picked it out, placed in his cart, put bags over it, and then placed it in another bag and moved on to the next receptacle.

Actually this spurs me on a thought that why isn’t there bins to collect unopened food for the homeless at every gate before security in airports.

It’s probably the same dilemma that is faced, like at Sam’s Club when I learned recently that as an entity, they are unable to give returned food to the needy, they have to destroy it. It could be an unopened can of beans, tuna, bottle of water, crackers, etc.

The same disastrous results that many businesses apparently come to when it comes to perfectly good food thrown away. The result of food being destroyed.

I don’t understand why this is an acceptable practice. I understand the propaganda behind it “we don’t know what happened to it when it left here” yada, yada. It’s a shame that more isn’t done to help the homeless, the needy, the hungry, especially from the ones that have good to spare. I just don’t agree with the why, says the little guy!



When the little people screw you!



It infuriates me when small business that I try to support screws with the people in a classic “bait and switch” tactic. I support small enterprise and entrepreneurial efforts but not at the expense of us regular joes.

Recently I went to a local storage company who offered $1.00 for the first month. After all the proration, and the emphasis of having this professional extra strength lock, not to mention the insurance needed for my meager 5×5 space I was out well over $50. I canceled within 1 week, was charged another $14.99, which I had to fight to get back, which I did.

Let me just rant and say, I will never rent from these peeps ever again. Not this individual group not the franchise, no one affiliated with them, ever! I would suggest that you do the same.

3$ and a check

That is all that I had in my pocket, and just earlier in the day I was chastised for even using a check!  It was one of the few days in recent memory that I was actually ecstatic that I had just what I needed. Nothing more, nothing less.  I was wondering why I had been given so much grief earlier about actually having a check in my pocket.

How many times do you use a check?,  was the question to me. Actually a good question, but I have on rare occasion needing one, like the restaurant that doesn’t take plastic, or in this case, the local department of revenue, that didn’t take plastic either.

I am perplexed by that actually.,  Where I got my tags, and where I needed to get my driving record, takes cash only.  Like the sign in a Chinese Restaurant, that says “cash only” or for the business saying, “cash is king”.

For the ones that don’t believe in checks, mark my word, on the day that you least expect it, you will need it.

Facebook- Keeping it real fake!

Facebook is a means to an end. We use FB to share our thoughts, ideas, inspirations, feelings, troubles, truth, lies, issues, concerns, triumphs and all the other emotions, opinions, and positions in between. The power of FB and other mediums just like it have morphed into arenas where many spend tremendous amount of time sharing. I have personally witnessed both the joys and pain of personal interactions on FB. Is it personal though if you interact behind the computer, not engaging in person or on the phone? I only tread lightly on this particular point, because I have witnessed how shrewd people have become, or maybe they already were, and I have just noticed it. How petty issues become big issues, how trust and fidelity are exposed, and truth questioned.  How friendships quickly come and go on FB, and in some cases how FB, like a dating website has brought individuals together, and certainly have torn them apart. I have had to deal with the pain of finding out about secret relationships on FB, and how that affected me personally.

A counselor suggested that in a previous relationship that we maintain a joint account, rather than separate, to be united rather than divided, that FB could have the potential for harm as well as good, but we both needed to be on the same page.  What I liked about that scenario is that we discussed it, in person, face to face.  Unfortunately, too much happens behind the screen, and we lack the ability to reach out and truly connect in person.  I’m not bashing FB here, I admire the platform, the  creativity, the vision. It’s users are the ones I am concerned about. While I have one finger pointed out to the others , I have 3 pointing right back at me, so I’m in this boat too.  My plea is that we don’t lose sight of the ability to reach out and connect with others,  human to human, touch, feel, speak.

In this age of modern technology, let’s not lose sight of what’s truly important. IMHO, it’s your faith, and intentional relationships. Your faith is between you and your God (or however you describe it). Intentional relationships take hard work and effort, like any marriage, dating relationship, and the like. It requires commitment on either side, not always 50/50, but consistent commitment.

We see it everywhere, individuals sitting next to each other texting away, not speaking, and life goes on.  I’m guilty of it too, I have changes to make, isn’t this what resolutions are about?  Keeping it real or keeping it fake is up to me. keeping it real or fake amongst my friends, is 50% up to me. I can only control me, right??