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My life changed today

Who knew that a simple accident would cause such profound consequences and just 4 days ago I thought it was just a simple problem. Yep it was then that I fell, slipped in the mud, heard a snap, cried out in pain, and limped back up to a supposed “sprained ankle”. After returning to my hometown, after 3 long days of international travel, I realized today that my bone was broken.

Now it was not excruciating pain 4 days ago, it was an inconvenience. I hobbled around, packed my bags, rumbled through airports, arose early, went to bed late and finally returned home this AM and I knew what I needed to do first.

To get my ankle checked out. Since I was a hobbler, I needed to know the truth, to be set free, sorta.

The “snap” was bugging me, and I thought many times that was just a twig, my pants, anything but that “crack” sound in my brain. So here I sit, temp cast place, waiting for the next update and maybe stronger cast. I have lots to think about.

Driving, eating, cooking, sleeping, bathroom breaks, work, travel or not, dressing up, or down. Now I’m a bit tired trying to adjust to this time zone and get back to normal, but that seems so far off now.

The LIST, bucket or otherwise

I’m following an inspiring writer, Lesley Carter, on WordPress called Bucket List Publications, and she shares the many pursuits and dreams that she has and is still working toward. How ambitious!  I try to put pen to paper and set my own list…. the last time I made a real effort was with my last lover, and those were mutual goals. The ones we would do together, travel, possibly adopt a child, take a cooking class, learn sign language, and the like.  I have always made lists, lists for work, lists for chores, lists for grocery needs, list of priorities, life and otherwise.

As I dream now on what will my list include are mostly points of interest that, at least for the near future, are items I will largely do by myself. Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore, climb a 14’er or two, hot springs, visit a football playoff game, visit Europe, etc. Being alone now all these goals just lose their pizzazz.  I know that I need to be comfortable with my own skin, I am, I just think its more fun to enjoy life with someone.

What I won’t do, is wait for that special someone, like I was doing before. Waiting to visit, to see, to experience because the “family” would want to see it too. Now, when opportunity knocks, not only will I answer the door, I’ll walk right on through! When that special someone enters my life, then we will have new journeys to experience together.