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A new kind of shopping

I’m visiting the “Garden State” this week and I bumped into a Shop Rite in Morristown, NJ, and drove by once and discounted it as a place to visit but I decided to go in, and what a surprise! Great food bars, wine, liquor and almost super Walmart like but upscale. It even offered lox bites, gelato, live lobsters, fresh smoothies and of course lotto. I guess you really can’t judge a store by how it looks from the outside or its name…..I think I’m going to visit it every day while I am here.  


Eating clean in a sugar laden world

I am trying to eat better, really!  I find myself struggling to follow these principles of healthy eating. Raw vegetables, whole foods, complex carbs but very few of them, lean meats low-fat, and on and on and on….  I have taken small steps to take control of this horrible lifestyle that I have put myself in. Zig Ziglar once said that he never met an overweight person who didn’t pick up their own food and eat it.  He wasn’t trying to be disparaging to those that have legitimate issues, but to point out that we must take responsibility for what we eat, and how often.

Fitness gurus seem to suggest 6 small meals a day is a healthy perspective, and perhaps it is, but how do you manage that in the bust work environment.  I suppose that there is a way of course, and i have not become disciplined enough to follow it.  The same is true for exercise. Either you commit to doing it, or you don’t.  I had a significant other who expressed how “attractive” it was to for her to hear about my exploits in the gym.  How many floors I had climbed, or how long on the treadmill or elliptical, etc.

This journey to stay fit and healthy sure had its own twists and turns, and yet I find myself near the beginning all over again.  I think my family environment was one of ” eat your vegetables” and “eat what you take” and “clear your plate”. All shared with good intentions, of remembrance of an ancient past when food was scarce, or conditions were such that food was in short supply.

This isn’t a rant or a rave, and I don’t really have a complaint except that I think this process of getting healthy is super tough these days. Every where I look, on labels, etc. just has so much sugar in it. Cereal, oat bars, soups, sauce, milk, even a few meats.  How did we get this way, like salt, where it’s just included because…..

So I start, again, on this track to a healthier way to eat, and live. Not sure  of the end result though, and I may not be able to share that then….. who knows but at least I am taking those small steps forward to a better me.  I just wonder, is it just me, or are there others that face this same battle….of eating clean.