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Football and I….


I have typically held football at more than an arm’s length away, really most sports. I played little league football and baseball, but I just didn’t have the skills that everyone else had, or maybe I just didn’t take the time.  Perhaps because of those circumstances, I didn’t become an aficionado of sports as I had other interests at heart. Music, Scouts, Explorers, YMCA, travel, and other interests.  I  had the opportunity to see the Tampa Bay Bucs and Miami Dolphins at their stadiums, and I have met a few professional players over the years, but it was just a Sunday afternoon interest, and most times not that important.  Growing up I also watched the Pittsburgh Steelers because of the connection the Rooney family had with the community in which I grew up, as distant as it was from Pittsburgh.

This past year however, football has become a big interest to me.  Maybe it’s because I live in Denver, and Bronco fever is everywhere, maybe because it’s Peyton Manning, and the great quarterback that he is, and what he personally stands for, that I am aware of, either way, I have become a more aware fan and not just for the Broncos, but also those that stand in the way of their goals and dreams. I have had the great opportunity to attend a few Bronco games via friends, and I am grateful for those opportunities, tickets come at a premium, and I have some great friends!

So now I feel I have the “bug” for football. Not crazy stuff like deck my room in the team colors, and change all  my utensils to orange and blue, though I like the FL Gators too, for many reasons, but all the same, I am a more intentional fan.  Tonight I was hoping the Ravens would win, that the Patriots would lose and that the Cowboys would win, but alas, like so many, I don’t get what I want.  I even had to pay a very small wager to a friend when I was certain the Broncos would win over the Colts, much to my chagrin….oh well.

So, the bottom line is this. I am not a football expert. I don’t have ESPN Red Zone piping into my smart phone….yet., I don’t play FF, but I will next year, but this time next year, I will be a totally different football fan, and I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings in my direction!