My heart vs. my brain

I struggle with keeping my brain from following my heart. Is that the case with you too?  The reason I struggle is that the pull on my heart strings is so strong, and yet the logical side of my brain resists the temptation to move forward, or tag along, with my heart.  What is it about our brain that allows this struggle?  I have been dealing with a heart issue for several months, trying to evaluate the “what is best” for the future direction, versus dealing with the past and the history of what was, and what is reality. Do the two co-exist, or should one take the lead, and perhaps ownership of what is to come?

I struggle like with past hurts, hangups, issues, pain, rejection, anger, sadness. My heart says there is hope, a future, goodness, peace, love, acceptance, while acknowledging the potential for hurt and sadness.  I don’t have the answer, and I’m not sure that I am looking for one at the moment. I just wanted to share my struggle because I feel I am not the only one who is dealing with this, right now.


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